Modern Samurai Clan

BUSHI Tactics © is an independent and international organisation, supplier of innovative training solutions and tactical-strategic support, born from the vision of its founder and president, Manrico Erriu. BUSHI Tactics is specialized in highly effective training solutions for operational units. We provide and train individual operators and operating teams from both governmental and private sector around the world. BUSHI Tactics is an asset owned by the Watanabe & Kitamura Group (


Unconventionally managed, the organization is classified as a Clan.


We operate through two divisions:

Operations Division (We provide tactical and strategic support services, including operational personnel, to private and government organizations).

Training Division (We provide training services aimed at our internal practitioner members and external members, operational personnel from private and government entities, as well as civilians who meet the necessary requirements).

The Mission

To create an elite of warriors, BUSHI, Modern Samurai, example of virtue.



BUSHI Tactics fights to preserve and disseminate ancient warrior values, making them functional for the present and preparatory for the future. Our mission is to create BUSHI, modern Samurai, men and women of honor who will be able, in the present and in the future, to inject the values we bear into society, and protect the weakest. A vaccine capable of halting the decline we are witnessing in the West.


We believe that strong cohesion and sharing of common ideals and values is the most effective means to achieve success, a conscious and balanced development of society. Change is possible, but it must start with each of us.



We are creating a model for future generations, bringing back honour, respect, loyalty and integrity to live. 

Through the opening of schools and academies around the world, a combination of ancient and modern combat systems will be released, aimed at the creation of BUSHI, «Modern Samurai», weapons professionals, warriors united by a common code of conduct and training, the Bushido.

Frantic modernization and globalization has led human beings to focus on the quick learning of combat disciplines. While creating excellent fighters, that discipline, spirituality and rectitude belonging to the patterns of the past has been lost.

BUSHI Tactics strives to preserve and disseminate ancient warrior values by combining them with the practice of the most effective modern combat systems. A fusion aimed at completeness, continuous improvement in the pursuit of perfection, respecting ethics and morality.

The aim is to create men and women of honour, making our contribution to the Society and participating in the creation of a better World.


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