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Manrico Erriu Sensei, sole founder and president of BUSHI Tactics
Manrico Erriu Sensei, sole founder and president of BUSHI Tactics


BUSHI Tactics is an International Organization, provider of innovative training solutions and tactical-strategic support, born in 2019 from the vision of its founder and President, Manrico Erriu. BUSHI Tactics is specialized in training highly effective operational units. We provide and train individual operators and teams from both governmental and private international security Industry.

BUSHI Tactics specializes in Advanced Tactical Firearms, Urban Tactics & Movements, Close Combat, Close Protection Operations and Counter Terrorism.


The Mission - Recognition of the status of BUSHI

Title of Honour

The mission is to spread on a global scale the status of "Bushi", title of honour that will be given to those who will  demonstrate, not only to have the skills required by our evaluation scheme, but also to live in compliance with the Bushido rules. We are creating a model for future generations, bringing back honour, respect, loyalty and integrity to live.

Through the opening of schools and academies around the world, a combination of ancient and modern combat systems will be released, aimed at the creation of BUSHI, «Modern Samurai», weapons professionals, warriors united by a common code of conduct and training, the Bushido.

Frantic modernization and globalization has led human beings to focus on the quick learning of combat disciplines. While creating excellent fighters, that discipline, spirituality and rectitude belonging to the patterns of the past has been lost.

BUSHI Tactics strives to preserve and disseminate ancient warrior values by combining them with the practice of the most effective modern combat systems. A fusion aimed at completeness, continuous improvement in the pursuit of perfection, respecting ethics and morality.

The aim is to create men and women of honour, making our contribution to the Society and participating in the creation of a better World.


Manrico Erriu
Manrico Erriu


BUSHI Tactics

Solefounder & President

Manrico Erriu Sensei
Manrico Erriu Sensei

Manrico Erriu's autobiography

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Our training concept - BUSHI Tactics

The idea of the founder is clear: "an individual can be considered a modern warrior, a BUSHI, solely and exclusively practicing a combination of ancient Japanese warrior disciplines with the most modern and effective armed and unarmed combat systems."

The creation of this training system stems from the field experience of its founder. The development of the right mindset is the priority and indispensable aspect of the system.

The Japanese warrior mindset confers and inculcates in the practitioner skills and values such as: spirituality, determination, pursuit of perfection, precision, aggressiveness, concentration, achievement of the goal, sense of belonging, loyalty, zanshin and harmony

The modern combat system represents the maximum expression of effectiveness in the field of counter-terrorism and protection. The two mindset together develop unparalleled skills.

The fusion between these two realities creates a unique and extremely effective approach to life and combat. "Anyone is able to fire quickly and accurately with a firearm, anyone can hurt or kill with a cutting weapon, but this does not mean that the individual in question can call himself a Warrior, a BUSHI." Those who work in the security industry, according to the philosophy of BUSHI Tactics, must be complete warriors, following a correct training and code of conduct.

During the various project phases we will select instructor candidates who will be instructed to disseminate the system in their country of residence.

BUSHI Tactics, according to its own philosophy, requires that every private and public security operator assiduously and constantly train in the disciplines listed below. Each instructor, regardless of the fact that he teaches Tactical Firearms, Close Protection or Self Defense must necessarily possess excellent skills in ancient and modern combat disciplines.

It is unacceptable that a tactical firearms instructor is not prepared for unarmed close combat only because he uses and teaches the use of firearms. For us the two sectors, ancient and modern, armed and unarmed, are a single entity, one cannot exist without the other.


The Status of BUSHI

The Title of Honour

The BUSHI Honor Title represents the highest level of BUSHI Tactics. Those in possession of this title will demonstrate internationally that they possess important technical, tactical skills and human qualities.


The BUSHI title combined with the SSCS badge is a great added value in searching for a job within the international Private Security circuit.


The title of BUSHI will be given by an international commission to those who will be in possession of the skills highlighted below.


Candidates must be certified in Japanese ancient warrior disciplines and modern combat systems:


Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Bojutsu, Battojutsu, Kitamura Ryu no Shugendo, Tactical Firearms, Close Protection, Tactical Combat & Survival Knife, Self Defense, at least one recognized discipline for striking, at least one recognized discipline for ground fighting, at least one for joint locks and chokeholds: 


• striking techniques (MMA / boxing / thai boxing)

• ground fighting techniques (wrestling / jujitsu giapponese / BJJ)

• joint locks and chokeholds (BJJ / Ju Jitsu giapponese Judo)


The candidate will have to renew the status annually through the certificates of attendance issued by the various certifiers to demonstrate that the candidate regularly trains and have references issued by the certifiers concerning the qualities required and recognized by Bushido.


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