Martial arts Federations, Associations, Private Security Companies, Dojos, Gyms, Instructors, Coaches and Masters can join BUSHI Tactics. All of them are welcome.


Each affiliated organization will has the opportunity to affiliate its students to BUSHI Tactics by registering them for starting the procedure to apply for the BUSHI status.


Each affiliated instructor, coach or teacher will have the opportunity to certify students in their progression during the acquisition of the skills necessary to obtain the BUSHI status.


For example, an instructor from BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) may issue certificates attesting to the technical level of the student requesting it and the frequency of the training. The same is true, of course, for each of the disciplines recognized as indispensable for obtaining the skills. 


An instructor of muay thai, boxing, kick boxing etc. he/she can do the same. Furthermore, BUSHI Tactics will make use of affiliated instructors for the teaching of modern combat disciplines within their own courses and seminars.


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